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The swiss knife that should be present in every car air suspension mix - NSHIFTED App.

NSHIFTED is the representation of air suspension's performance, quality and diversity. Handcrafted with passion and designed to provide an enjoyable experience, this air suspension management system takes the relationship with your car to a whole new level.

Few features that set us apart:

• CROSS-COMPATIBILITY — designed to be used on pretty much any air suspension system out there.

• PRESETS & DISPLAY — ability to save up to 4 suspension states based on pressure (for now), incl. displaying the pressure on the app and auto-leveling.

• RESPONSIVE COMMUNICATION — very sharp and responsive air suspension control and connection with zero waiting time. No Wi-Fi hassle, no Bluetooth pairing lag, no dead time.

• INNOVATIVE INTERACTION — eye-candy and intuitive interface on the phone, alongside a satisfying experience.

• FULLY SECURE — unique app-car pairing for tight security and time saving - activate the app with your personal ECU code and establish an unique connection with your air suspension that no one can ever interfere with.

• PREFERENCES — personalise your NSHIFTED experience to fit your needs.

• PLUG & PLAY — super easy setup for both cars with an already existing air suspension system or without one.

• CONTINUOUS IMPROVEMENTS — we are always working on improving NSHIFTED, so stay close to us in order to receive the latest functionalities.

KEEP IN MIND - the NSHIFTED App requires activation in order to be fully unlocked. Also, in order for the app to work and connect to the air suspension, the NSHIFTED ECU has to be wired and powered to the air suspension system.

Grab your NSHIFTED air suspension management system from our store:

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