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NoticeBoard App

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NoticeBoard App

©NoticeBoard - your virtual notice and advert board.

Tired of having to trudge across town to find out which chemist is open late? Or having to scroll through websites to find out if your class has been cancelled? ©NoticeBoard allows you to have all the notices and adverts you would find on different notice boards spread around the world, in one handy place on your mobile phone.

Subscribe and look up the ©NoticeBoard you are interested in (like your work, university, school, hospital, chemist, council, business, family… or just your friends) or create and edit your own ©NoticeBoard. Let your imagination run wild!!

Set the privacy of your ©NoticeBoard, making its access public (for everyone that is subscribed) or private (only to the people you decide to approve as a ©NoticeBoard member).

Forget about going somewhere just to check a notice board, say goodbye to sending and receiving lots of emails with redundant information and do not waste more disk space with images and PDFs, just have the needed information (only once) and perfectly organized on your device. You decide who to share and distribute notices to.

Encourage your family, friends, job mates and other organizations to download the ©NoticeBoard App and start enjoying the benefits of having all your needed information classified and at your fingertips… Check it with few taps and receive your latest ©NoticeBoard updates with a notification system that keeps you informed and up to date.