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The most complete and cutest notes app. Save time with having 9 apps in 1. Quickly organize your mind and life across iPhone, Apple Watch, iPad and Mac. You will have a daily planner, to do list, diary, journal, habit tracker, agenda, calendar, countdown, quick simple note, Apple Watch app and more.

This app will help you easily keep your mind and your life organized.
Try this app now. It is so cute and will save you time!

• Seamless sync across your Apple Watch, iPhone, iPad and Mac
• Add handwritten notes with Apple Pencil
• Landscape or Portrait, use your device the way you want
• Color code your calendar events
• Full month and week view without tiny dots
• Drag and drop to quickly reschedule your events
• Create your events by talking to your Apple Watch
• Create events by simply writing or saying "dinner tomorrow at 6pm"
• Customize your entries with delightful background color
• Customize your journal entries with a choice of great notebook covers
• Use a choice of fun puppy emoticons to decorate your diary or to quickly express how you feel
• Flip pages of your diary journal as if you were really holding them
• Use a passcode to lock your diary entry
• Use various text font, size and color to fully express yourself
• Embed audio, photo, video, maps on your page
• Add special effects to your page (you need to try this one).
• Customize the main page background: you can even use any photo you want
• Use folders to organize your entries
• Stack your completed to-dos any way you want (top or bottom or out of your view)
• Use reminders with your own pre-recorded message, photo or video.
• Use your custom reminder and preset motivation phrases to help you take action and reach your goals
• and so much more...

You should try it now
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