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Notes+ is an elegant way to capture your notes, thoughts, numbers, lists and everything else you would need a note pad for. The app is specifically designed to seamlessly work in your phone and watch.

Seamless Integration between Phone and Watch

The seamless integration between the app on the phone and watch helps you capture your notes at your convenience. Capture the notes in your phone and you can view them any time in your watch.

Access Notes from your Watch

Need your account number to fill in a form or need to get the meeting notes of yesterday's meeting? Quick access your notes from your watch in a couple of taps without having to take your phone out.

Notes Capturing Made Easy

One of the major problems we all face is losing information. Notes+ is a simple and easy way to capture all your information in a simple and easy way so that you never loose any information again.

Awesome Search

Our Quick Search feature enables you to get the information you want by a simple and fast search. Now no information is far from your reach and you can access them anytime in just a few seconds.

Awesome Gesture Support

Access the options available for each note like mark as favourite, share or delete using swipes. Also the default option for right and left swipes enables you to take actions without even tapping any button.

Consciously made simple

The simple, clean and easy to use interface gets you started in seconds and the flow is purposely made simple and intuitive to help you focus on the data at hand rather on the app.

If you like the app, have a suggestion to improve the app or would like to report something not working, please send us an email at [email protected] We love to hear from our customers.
George Sargunaraj C