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Hosted by Allison Sheridan, the NosillaCast podcast is "a technology geek podcast with an EVER so slight Macintosh bias." Every week Allison and her dedicated cast of "NosillaCastaways" bring you the latest tech news, reviews, interviews and commentary.

With the NosillaCast iOS app, you can listen to the live show (every Sunday at 5 PM Pacific), join in on the live show chat, listen to past shows (and read the show notes) and watch Allison's videos from tech conferences and other geeky events.


• Listen live (audio-only) every Sunday at 5 PM Pacific time, and join in on the live chat!
• Read show notes and listen to audio from past shows!
• Watch Allison's videos from conventions and other far-flung events!
• Search feature allows you to quickly find shows on a specific topic!
• Supports TextExpander Touch! You can use your snippets while chatting!
• With the Today widget and the Apple Watch app, you can always stay up to date with what Allison is doing - when is the next live show (and has it been rescheduled this week?) and what episodes and videos has she posted recently.
Donald Burr