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Nold Open Bluetooth Controller

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Nold Open Bluetooth Controller

This free iOS application controls Nold Open, a small and secure Bluetooth compatible device, which connects to any kind of electronic locks: garage door or gate openers, door locks, barriers, alarm systems, pool covers and more. Connect Nold Open to your existing device and you can replace all your remotes with virtual keys on your phone!

Nold can help you to:
• Replace your existing keys, remotes, keycards, and keypads with your phone
• Share access easily with your guests, without copying physical keys or buying additional remotes
• Set time limitation or revoke access by one click anytime you want!
• Customize your email invitation sent to your guests!
• Track who and when used your doors in the Activity feed.
• Create a modern, easy-to-use access control system for offices, apartments, and communities
• Manage all of your devices and guests in Nold Cloud, an easy to use, browser-based application

Nold Open is compatible with most of the gate opener brands such as Hörmann, Beninca, Chamberlain, Nice etc.
Nold Technologies Kft