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Nok Nok™ Passport

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Nok Nok™ Passport

Nok NokTM Passport is an authentication app that allows you to authenticate to websites that will use Nok Nok Authentication Server. Passport makes it easier and more secure to log into these sites on your laptop or computer by employing Touch ID on your iOS device. Enabled websites will display a link allowing you to register using Passport app on your device. You can register by using Passport to scan a QR code displayed by the website, then touch the fingerprint sensor or enter your device passcode. Once enrolled, you can authenticate using a similar method. Alternatively, the website can send a push notification to iOS device; tap the notification to trigger authentication.

Passport lets you use your iOS device to better protect your online account, without requiring passwords or additional hardware tokens. Instead of having to remember and enter passwords, you can now login simply with a touch of the home button. Passport uses advanced security protocols to make logins much more secure compared to using passwords.

With the Passport app, you can also confirm transactions (such as sending money or buying an item) using Touch ID. Passport brings the same security and ease-of use benefits to transaction confirmations.
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