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NOEX Training Platform

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NOEX Training Platform

The NOEX App was done for a better workout experience. Download the app and enjoy all the features which are included to achieve the best of yourself. It doesn't matter that you are a beginner or an experienced bodybuilder because our team takes care of the planning to give the best user experience for everybody.

The NOEX App is available for free and then you can choose the PRO and the ELITE subscription plans. Choose one and start your journey with us.

- A simple and high-quality interface to log your workouts.
- Workout Builder
- Lots of exercises for body parts with clear explanations and demonstrations
- Support for different Set types
- Support for Supersets and Grouped Exercises
- Support for 1RM, RPE, TEMPO
- Full-featured statistics for your personal records and progression
- Track your progress for Volume, Used Weight, and 1RM progression
- Built-in auto countdown timer to help record rest breaks
- Support for Imperial and Metric weight, or a combination of both
- Community Feed
- Shareable workouts
- Training and diet myths
- Training and diet guides

Download NOEX Fitness now.
Apple Health integration: report your weight, consumed, and burned energy any your activities.

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