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Nodelizer is a server performance monitoring system that helps you to gain insight into your system performance metrics and you can monitor your servers anytime, anywhere via Mobile App.

It provides you round the clock information about your server's health and performance.

In-case of any performance issue, our Alerting facility helps you to get notified immediately to diagnose the problem in time.

Getting Alert Notifications for any server issues on your Mobile device gives you a head start on the problem about what's being affected and its cause – so the sooner you get notified, the faster you can heal your server.

Nodelizer supports Monitoring in the following areas :
- Server Monitoring,
- Application Monitoring,
- Cloud Monitoring (VMWare & XenServer platforms)

Nodelizer agent support Monitoring for the following Server OS currently :
- Linux (all popular distros),
- Mac OS X,
- FreeBSD 8+

Mobility in Monitoring :
Nodelizer mobile app for Ios facilitates you to...
- View your recent server status, data & graphs in the app.
- View Open Alerts & Notifications History.
- Receive push notifications.
Ankur Chotai