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No Treat Today

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No Treat Today

No Treat Today is an application that rewards your efforts in the face of temptation.

Did you overindulge today? That’s all you need to know to get started with No Treat Today. It helps you understand your cravings and how you react to them. With No Treat Today you’ll track when you chose to eat that cake or have an extra slice of pizza. The more you track, the more you understand your behaviors so that you can change your habits over time.

No Treat Today is fun to use — just tell Crush, your lovable ape companion, how your day went.

Answer Crush’s question — Too many treats today? Answer with a simple “yes” or “no” or note down what you consumed so you can review it later.
Collect new apes on the days when you don’t overindulge. Reflect on the previous week and set new goals for yourself, adding new apes as you go.

Have a day when things don’t go so well? No problem, we’re all human (except the apes, of course!). Tracking doesn’t have to be judgmental — diets can often be unsustainable because they ask too much of us. Unlike some habit-tracking apps, you won’t have to start all over again — and your apes are always just a few clean days away from returning. What’s more, those full days don’t have to be consecutive — they can be made up of several meals over multiple days.

The aim isn’t to beat you up but to inspire and reward — No Treat Today helps you track your progress without the demoralization that can come from having to restart a streak because life got in the way.

With No Treat Today you’ll:
* Set goals and define what you class as a treat including options for fast food, snacks, alcohol, and more.
* Customize your goals as you go — tell Crush how long you’d like to go between treats and adjust that goal as new challenges or life changes come up.
* Be reminded to log how your day went.
* Log your meals as you eat them or all at once at the end of the day, it’s up to you.
* Set up ‘plates’ to more easily input foods that you regularly eat.
* Collect apes as you track. Each ape adds to your growing family and helps visualize your progress. You’ll notice new types of apes the longer your streak continues with five different kinds to collect.
* Attract special apes on holidays and during in-app events.
* Use the No Treat Today Apple Watch companion app, iPhone widgets, and more to easily track your progress.
* Find information on your planet’s population and more.

But really, it’s all about those apes. Sure, they’re cute and you’re going to love collecting them. But it’s about what your apes represent. Each ape shows how your choices add up and small changes can make a big impact, even if we don’t always know it.

Why is it about apes? Crush, the orangutan mascot, along with the other apes, reminds us that reducing sugar consumption helps protect these amazing creatures by reducing deforestation for palm oil production. It’s also about calming our “monkey mind” by choosing healthier, more mindful eating habits.

Keep tracking your efforts, and you’ll soon have a planet full of different apes, all reminding you of how great you’re doing!

No Treat Today is free to download, but unlocking all features and apes requires a subscription or a one-time purchase.


It's time to download the app and get your first apes now!