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No Meat Today

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No Meat Today

You believe that eating less meat might be good for you, animals and our home planet.
But when you begin to reduce meat consumption, it’s hard to measure your effort and balance your diet.
I know, I’ve been there.

No Meat Today makes tracking your meatless meals in a fun & simple way, whether you want to progressively adopt a vegan diet or find a flexitarian balance that suits you.

You will become the god of a universe with two planets: punch them to answer Naomi’s daily question “Did you eat meat today?”
Next time you want to indulge in a burger, you can look at your logs and decide if you can allow yourself a tender steak. I call that “asking my cow”, and it has helped me decide more than once.

Your universe hosts a single species: Daisy cows. They are named like that because they are attracted by one DAY of meatless meals.
The most friendly of them is your personal cowch, Naomi, as in Naomi’t Today, and she will accompany you on your journey to eat less meat.
Your green and peaceful “No” planet is naturally appealing to them, but you got to earn their trust by logging meatless meals.
Daisy cows are a wonderful species: they have the ability to fusion and evolve into higher forms of cows that you will discover along your journey.

• Log your meatless meals: just hit the "No" planet if you didn't have any meat, or the "Yes" planet if you did

• Gaze on your planet as it starts to attract cows, which happens each time you have one day worth of meals. Beware of scaring them!

• Fusion cows as your planet gets crowded and unlock more cows combos as you log more meals

• Have fun with the silly comments accompanying the habitual daily question: “Did you eat meat today?”

• Use your history to decide if your next meal should include meat or not

• Never forget to log your meals: ask for an evening reminder. If you don’t like notifications, just put the app on your home screen! I did both

• Still managed to forget a day? No worries, you can complete it later. Plus it’s a good memory exercise.

• Adjust the cows’ tolerance to your meaty meals by adjusting your target diet, from omnivorous to vegan


# Your privacy matters to me #

Not only do you own your data and get export it in an open (JSON) format, but this app respects your privacy to the extreme.
I’m not using any kind of analytics tracking and relying entirely on Apple’s bug report tools.


# This app tries to be good for the planet #

5% of the income goes toward animal welfare and planet conservation.
What doesn’t go to taxes & fees will make sure I, Arnaud, will keep improving the app. And I have MANY ideas.


# You have the power #

This app was made for you with great care and dedication.
If you spot a bug, want to suggest a feature or have anything to say to improve the app, you can easily contact me from the settings.


Terms of Use:


*** Wait no more, become Naomist, adopt the milky way! ***