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NJ Bus Time

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NJ Bus Time

I wrote this app because I wanted to be able to glance at my Apple Watch and see when my buses were coming while walking to the bus stop. If you ride the NJ Transit bus in New Jersey, this simple app will let you see when your bus will arrive on your iPhone/iPad or Apple Watch.

Just add a stop to your list of Bus Stops by entering the number from the sign near each bus stop, locating your bus stop on a map, or searching for it by name. 

You can also add your favorite bus route(s) and see only those buses you care about. Tapping a favorite bus route will show you a map of where the buses on that route are located.

Please be aware that this relies on NJ Transit's web site being online and having good information; you will see the same information here that you do on their site. Also, note that this only supports NJ Transit buses, so this won't help you if you ride a private carrier bus or don't commute by bus in New Jersey.

I have plans to continue to enhance this app, so stay tuned for the ride and continue to submit feedback and ideas on our support site!
Doug Freeman