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Niko connected switch

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Niko connected switch

The Niko connected switch app: the switch in your pocket

The Niko connected switch app converts your smartphone into a remote control. You can operate all connected light sources with a Niko wireless switch according to the Easywave protocol, wherever you happen to be. You can use them to turn on the lighting in your living room with your smartphone while you're still enjoying your dinner at a restaurant. This will make it seem like you're at home. Or switch on the garden lighting with your smartwatch while you're on the road.
Open and close roll-down shutters and sun blinds, switch a socket outlet on or off - that can also be done with the connected switch app. The possibilities are endless. That is why the user-friendly interface provides a convenient status overview. The app is very easy to use. As easy as switching the light on and off.

Niko connected switch is available in Belgium, the Netherlands, France and Slovakia.
What do you need?

The gateway: the essential link
The gateway is the essential link between the wireless switches and the connected switch app. It is connected to the network using a UTP cable, which then makes a secure connection with the internet (4G, 3G, GPRS or a WiFi hotspot). This means that the smartphone application is always up-to-date and ready for use.

Wireless switches: stick them to a wall and they're ready
Expanding traditional electrical cabling, means destructive masonry work. Anyone familiar with Niko's wireless switches, knows it can be done differently. You can stick, screw or place them anywhere.
Even as a replacement of existing switches, e.g. that one light behind the closet.
Without drilling or channelling you can create a uniform look-and-feel, fully in line with your socket outlets, switches and TV connections as all functions are available in the attractive Niko finishings.
The wireless Niko solutions are ideal for renovating clients looking for a simple, yet robust smart solution.

Wireless receivers: many variants
The wireless receivers controlling devices or lamps are the last link within the Niko connected switch chain. They switch your lights on and off, open and close roll-down shutters and switch your socket outlets on and off.
There are models for flush-mounting, for the electrical cabinet, for outdoor applications and for in the socket outlet.

The web portal: all is effortlessly linked
To programme buttons using the gateway, the installer goes to the web page and creates an account using the client's name. The user will receive a confirmation e-mail. This e-mail includes all information on modifying the log-in and password after configuration.

As the final step, download the Niko connected switch app free of charge in the App Store. It can be installed on iPhone, iPad and even Apple Watch. Open the app and connect it to the account that was created on the webportal. The app requires iOS 9 or later.

By downloading the iOS app for Niko connected switch, you accept the terms and conditions of the app which you can find on under “Legal & privacy”.
Niko n.v.