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Night Tracker

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Night Tracker

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Get more sleep!

Do you often stay up later than you plan to? Do you have trouble getting enough sleep? Do you find yourself with not enough time to get ready before you leave when you wake up?

If any of those sounds like you, this app will help you get back on track. Night Tracker allows you to set your bedtime, wake up time, and when you plan to leave in the morning. It graphically displays the time you have to get ready before you leave as yellow and the amount of sleep you will get as blue on a 24 hour clock face. The time until your specified bed time is shown as green. When its past your bed time, it will turn red! Also, it will show you how much sleep you will get, how much time you have to prepare in the morning, and how long you have until you should go to bed. These values will count down as time passes.

Connect your Apple Watch! View your chart and manage your specified times in the app. Add your Night Tracker 24 hour chart to your glances for quick access. It also displays a timer counting down to the next specified time.
Marc Davis