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Nicegram Messages for Telegram

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Nicegram Messages for Telegram

Since today we spend most of our time communicating in messengers, such things as SAFETY, SECURITY, and maximum COMFORT come in the first place.
NICEGRAM is an ideal solution that includes all advanced messaging features which provide safe, secure, and comfortable communication.
Based on Telegram API it synchronizes with Telegram and brings you pure comfort to send messages and make calls.

NICE features:
- Unique possibility to have up to TEN profiles instead of three as it’s implemented in a standard Telegram app;
- Fully CUSTOMIZED folders and tabs so that you are in control of whether you need to show Contacts and Calls Tabs or Folders at the app bottom bar;
- ANONYMOUS forwarding: send messages without mentioning the author;
- ADVANCED features for Channel Admins: restrict unwanted users' activity in one tap;
- Instant TRANSLATIONS of incoming messages without additional switching to third-party translators;
- 100% SECURE and OPEN: open-source code free for everyone

Subscription option:
Get unlimited access to premium features to enjoy the SAFEST messaging experience with No. 1 messaging app

$1,99 / billed monthly

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Support Team is there for you to troubleshoot whatever problem you encounter [email protected]