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Nice Runstreak

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Nice Runstreak

Tired of planning your exercise? If you run a short distance (1 mile / 1.6km) every day, you don't have to think about planning anymore, you just do it! The Nice Runstreak app helps you remember to run, and keeps a track of your streak. Sometimes you loose your streak due to illness or something else, but just start a new one! Can you beat your last streak?

The app provides an easy way of registering your daily run. Just press and hold the streak circle until it completes a full lap, and then you're done!

If you missed to register a day or two, then the app will let you catch up, just hold the streak circle and the previous day will be complete.

In the history view you can see your current streak, and all the old ones. The number if days in the streak is shown, as well as the start and end dates.

A new streak can be started from the settings view, or if the streak is never started - from the streak view. You can also set a reminder to get a notification at your desired time - to not forget to run. You can also choose to show the number of streaks on the main view.

If a day is completed by holding the streak circle, but in fact you didn't run today, press the Go back button in the settings view to go back one day. You can go back the current day and two more.
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