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Have you ever needed to force a card and wanted to do it the easy way? With NForcer, forcing a card couldn't be any easier. And you don't even need a deck of cards! Your spectator just swipes the wheel of cards to spin it and seemingly selects a random card. But when you're ready -- and only then -- NForcer will force the card that you choose.

The spectator can examine the app and spin the card wheel over and over; they won't find anything. It's a different card that appears each time you swipe the cards. Only when you let NForcer know that you're ready will it force your chosen card!

Even better: you can now also force an ESP (Zener) card or a Tarot card! Or import your own images and force one of those!

Want to have a card freely selected? No problem. NForcer can save a backdated "prediction" to your camera roll to make it *appear* as if you predicted which card would be selected! The "prediction" works with playing cards, ESP cards, and Tarot cards.

** The spectator can examine the app before and after you use it.
** Force any card you choose from the setup screen.
** See the spectator's freely chosen card from your Apple Watch!
** It's like having virtual decks of cards always with you!
** Full instructions and a sample presentations are included.
** No internet connection is needed.
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