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Next Slide Please

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Next Slide Please

It’s time to retire the utterances “and Now Next slide please”, “Next please”, “let’s Go on Next slide” and similar.

The Next Slide Please app helps you easily and silently cycle thru your presentation slides during online meeting.

Just ask your meeting assistant to install the Show Slide Please (free companion) app and all you have to do is receive the meeting invitation from your assistant via an iMessage.

Your meeting assistant will immediately know on which page you are at by looking at their iOS app, and switch your slide remotely without any vocal prompting. Just silent appreciation.

The app allows you to silently communicate your current page/slide via either your iPhone app or the Apple Watch app. Now your online meeting assistant will know at all times which is going to be your “NEXT slide”. Just don’t send your iPhone into sleep mode by pressing once the On/Off button. Don’t worry, it will not enter by itself sleep mode while our app is in the foreground.

You can be in an all remote meeting with up to 6 more presenters. Enjoy!
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