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NEXGIM can record your exercise data on the exercise bike in real time via Bluetooth accurately, so that all cycling activities can be presented with intuitive data and visual analysis; the App provides a variety of goals and types of training courses to meet your different fitness needs with scientific and efficient indicator tips or video guidance; the route simulation based on the real slope will also inspire you to pk your rivals and strive for the top in the performance ranking.

· Connected devices and data synchronization

Connect and bind your exercise bike, so that the exercise data can be presented on the full screen of your cell phone and recorded one by one, so that every drop of your sweat can be based on evidence.

· Challenge Real Routes

Continuously update the popular routes around the world to restore the real resistance slope experience. If you and your riding buddies can't meet on the road, then let's compete on NEXGIM.

· Practice like a pro

Power class is a scientific and efficient way from professional cycling training. The power data is used to measure your effort and physical load in the actual exercise, and the objective data curve makes you understand at a glance.

· Tailor-made training method

FTP can measure the strength of individual aerobic capacity, and is also the most critical data and origin of power training. According to the user's FTP information, NEXGIM can intelligently adapt training plans and courses of different difficulties to help users find the right training intensity for themselves.

· Comprehensive and detailed exercise report

With NEXGIM, you can quantify and analyze the data that was difficult to capture in the past, and understand whether this training volume can be well absorbed by the body through the analysis chart and comprehensive evaluation automatically generated after exercise, so as to maintain a good condition and continue to progress.


This App needs to be used with the Mage Fitness Bike.

Once you complete workouts we will sync sport data with Apple HealthKit which requires your permission to access.


For better interactive experience, it is recommended to run this app with iPhone 6 and later models.
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