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newsr brings you the latest stories from your favorite web sites in a great easy to browse, easy to read format.
You can add news sources from our suggested list or by manually typing a web site or RSS feed address.

**** Great user interface ****

- Auto full screen, which puts content first and hides everything else
- Dynamic animations and translucency
- Auto bright and a dark colour themes

**** Content is king ****

newsr presents your news stories in 3 ways:
- titles only in the main feed view
- a clean summary is shown when a story is selected
- the full original web page is only a tap away

**** Multitasking support ****

newsr uses iOS multitasking in order to always present the latest content without needing any action from the user.

**** iCloud sync ****

newsr syncs your settings, news collections, favourites, read and viewed statuses with iCloud. All your data is always available to your other iOS devices and when you reinstall the app.

**** Extensive social sharing ****

You can share your stories via:
- email
- iMessage or normal text message
- Twitter
- Facebook

**** Many saving options ****

News stories can be saved to:
- newsr Favorites
- iOS reading list
- Pocket
- Readability

**** Use your favourite browser ****

You can open your stories:
- in Safari
- in Chrome, not sure why you would do that though :)

**** Gestures ****

newsr uses many gestures which can be very useful for power users. Some gestures are more discoverable than others. Let us know how many you found we will tell you how many are left :)

newsr is optimised for iOS 8.
Amine Chaouki