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The app NEURO TRONIC User complements the NEURO TRONIC remote control for the patient and provides the same functions. If the orthosis is equipped with system components with Bluetooth, you can use the app in order to switch the modes of your orthosis and to get other useful information about your orthosis.

Functions of the App NEURO TRONIC User:
• indication of battery status
The app shows the battery status at all times. This allows you to see at a glance if you should recharge the controller of your orthosis soon.
• changing the mode of your orthosis
You can easily switch between the modes of your orthosis (Auto, Free and Lock) via the buttons in the app.
• selecting a leg
When both legs are treated, you can select the leg for which you want to change the mode, here.
• step counter
The step counter displays the steps you made with the leg with orthosis. Double the shown number, for the total number of steps.
• information
This menu item provides information about the version of the app, the controller(s) and the remote control(s).

For more information, please contact your orthotist and read the NEURO TRONIC patient information.

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Fior & Gentz Gesellschaft fuer Entwicklung und Vertrieb von orthopaedietechnischen Systemen mbH