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Network Utilities

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Network Utilities

Network Utilities is a handy tool for network administrators. It includes the following services:

- General System Information including hardware, memory usage, disk usage, network interfaces, WiFi, etc.
- Detail of device network interfaces
- Ping IP or Host
- Trace Route to an IP or Host name from device
- IP Range Scanner, check which IP in range is alive
- Port Scanner, check a specific IP or Host for open ports
- Network Browser, see the devices around you on your network
- IP Location, location of an Ip or Host
- Whois, information about a domain
- NSLookup, DNS records of a domain or FQDN
- IP Calculator, network calculator for IPv4
- IPv6 Calculator, network calculator for IPv6
- SSH Client
- Telnet Client
- Wake on Lan (WOL)
- Test Email Validity
- RBl Blacklist Check

It also has a Today Widget that shows the current connected WiFi, IP addresses and cellular network.

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