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This app for create the most realistic random sequences.

Use mode “INVERSE” help with filling out a lottery ticket.

Mode “SELF” created for the establishment of independent generator settings.

In mode “COIN” you can getting simple answers “YES” or “NO” to simple questions.

(Like in the magic ball)

Mode “DICE” is an easy replacement dice of six faces.

In free mode, you can follow any responses to configure itself, any cube (D4, D6, D8, and D20).

Immediately after the launch, the application is set to "Coin" mode.

In addition, offers to flip a coin for an answer to a simple question.

Comfortable app for watch will create a random number just by looking at your watch.

To set the rules of application for the clock refer to the settings.

To create a new random number just touch J

P.S. modes 5:36, 6:45, 7:49 help create a random set to play proper lottery.
Ivan Alekseev