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NET Symptoms

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NET Symptoms

NET Symptoms allows a Neuroendocrine Tumour patient to record and monitor their symptoms, exacerbating factors, and treatments.

The App has been designed to require minimal user input, and works best if users record Events at the time they occur.

Users can view reports of Symptoms, or All Events (symptoms, factors, treatments), by date - showing all occurrences of selected events (Observations), which can be expanded to show any associated place, photo and/or health data (heart rate, steps, blood pressure, exercise, glucose) if recorded via the Apple Health App. Health data are not stored in NET Symptoms, but retrieved from the iPhone's Health Store as required for reporting purposes.

Reports of Observations are available by place (locality & thoroughfare) with summaries for that place. Places can be mapped, with summaries attached to pins. This is useful for comparing symptom load at home vs work.

Symptoms/All Events can be presented as bar-charts by:
- day since using the App
- week since using the App
- hour of day
- day of week
- day of treatment cycle.

Charting statistics options are: Total Symptom (or Event) Load; Average Severity; Number of occurrences in that period.

By default, charts are shown as stacked bar-charts, with relevant Events' components represented by their colour on the Main screen. Charts can be zoomed and then tapped to disclose what Observations make up that component or bar.

Up to 4 Events (e.g. Abdominal Pain cf Nausea) can be compared as side-by-side bar charts.

For certain events (e.g. Food) the user can create an image using the iPhone camera and have that image associated with the Observation.

NET Symptoms stores all user data securely on the iPhone: no information is stored on the Internet in any form or at any location. However, users can email reports/charts to whomever they choose. An Internet connection is only required for emailing, place identification, and place mapping. The latter 2 functions can take place in background mode as required and when a connection is available.

DISCLAIMER: NET Symptoms is not a diagnostic tool. It allows a user to record commonly experienced NET symptoms, factors and treatments - then view those observations and share them with their care provider(s). The Developer accepts no liability for the quality of Observations recorded by the user nor for any conclusions drawn.
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