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Neo Virtual Reality for Reddit

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Neo Virtual Reality for Reddit

Experience Reddit in Virtual Reality!

View pictures, gifs and videos of cute cats, delicious food, fine art, beautiful landscapes and much more in Virtual Reality on your iPhone with any Virtual Reality Viewer out there.

• Magnet navigation for Google Cardboard
• Touch button navigation for Google Cardboard v.2
• Non-magnet navigation for viewers without magnet switch
• Apple Watch Remote Control - watchOS 2 App
• In VR Look-At-Menu - navigate through the menu just by looking at it
• Different environments to choose from - sit in a cloud or on a mountain while viewing images
• Fullscreen Mode
• iPad Support
• Pro Version: Add your favourite subreddits

What is IPD? IPD means inter pupillary distance and is the distance between the eyes. You can set this distance in the app. A low value makes a weak 3D effect, a high value a strong 3D effect. A lower value makes it easier to interact with the user interface. For better accuracy close the right eye while aiming or reduce the 3D effect.

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