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NearHero is the fastest and smartest way to make extra money AND finally get stuff done. NearHero is a user-powered app that takes the hassle out of gig-seeking and hiring. Whether you need a housekeeper, a plumber, or an SAT tutor, there’s a Hero for you on NearHero. Simply sign up and create a profile. Once your profile is verified, you’re free to hire service providers or become a Hero (this is what we call the service providers. Cute, right?). With just a few clicks, you’re on your way to making extra money, getting stuff done, or both! Our in-app chat feature allows you to give your potential Hero details about your task to ensure you get the best match. NearHero’s unique platform makes it easy to switch between consumer and service provider using our Hero Mode. At the end of the day, everyone needs to get something done, and everyone can afford to make some extra money. Enjoy the NearHero Universe!

How To Make Money With NearHero
• Sign Up
• Create Your Profile
• Showcase Your Work
• Get Hired
• Grab Gigs
• Get Paid

How To Get Stuff Done With NearHero
• Sign Up
• Create Your Profile
• Request A Hero
• Post Gigs
• Pick Your Hero
• Pay Your Hero

We’re all about keeping our NearHero Universe safe and happy! Every user undergoes a public records check to ensure they’re able to join NearHero.

Our payments are powered by StripE™ to ensure the safety and security of your financial information. We don’t have access to your personal banking information. Hero payments are processed weekly into the bank account or debit card of your choosing.

NearHero is FREE to use. There are no subscriptions required to use NearHero. The only fees associated with NearHero are at the time of payment. NearHero collects 20% of the final invoice from every job performed by Heroes (service providers). NearHero collects a $3.99 service fee in addition to the final invoice. Temporary pending authorizations are placed in order to ensure Heroes are paid for their hard work.

All personal data is handled under NearHero's Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy. Please visit our website for more info.
NearHero LLC