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Nearest Starbucks

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Nearest Starbucks

11-17-2015: This update includes Starbucks around the World.
- New York City, Seattle, San Francisco
- Toronto
- London
- Paris
- Frankfurt
- Hong Kong and more

NOTE: This app is not affiliated or endorsed by any web site. This app is developed based upon built-in database, Transit API, Street Map View API, Foursquare API and Yelp services etc. The purpose of this App is to integrate a variety of services into your daily life especially during your trip to your work place, going home or any other places.

New Features:
- Add Apple Watch support. Now you can find the nearest Starbuck from your apple watch.
- Add Favorites feature. You can bookmark any store and the store will display with a different icon.
- Add "Favorite" mode button to display only the stores you have bookmarked.

- Integrate the list view
- list the POI by distance
- Direction icon with precise Bearing to the POI
- Trip Planner to the POI
- By car, walk or public transportation

For Apple Watch users, the Apple app must be launched first. When the Apple Watch app is launched, it will try to load the nearest Starbuck. If you would like to get the nearest Starbuck again, click on the "Nearest Starbuck" button on the Apple watch to get the nearest location.

Offline support is built-in for the locations across US and Canada.
Free version has limited features. Purchase the full version to remove Ads and enable full features.

- When the app is launched, it will use your current location and display nearby Starbucks.
- Move the map around to find Starbucks.
- Click on an location to see the street map views (if applicable and free version has only one street map view). Click on the "Street map view button" to see full screen street map view.
- From the left sidebar, you can select a state. Then you can select a location from the right bar side (paid version only)
- Click on the marker info window or the "Navigation" button to start the navigation from your current location.
- Click on the "unlock" button for the in-app purchase.
Calvin Chen