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Nearest Metro

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Nearest Metro

Are you going through the city and you need to know where is the nearest Metro station?
"Nearest Metro" shows instantly!

When you run "Nearest Metro" you will see a list with the stations closest to your location.
Tap the one you are interested in and be displayed in the map the way you need to do to reach it.
Impossible to miss!

And most importantly: if you install the "Today Widget" in the Notification Center, you can see this information without unlock your device!

It is ideal for tourists and people who depend on the Metro to get around the city.

The following cities are currently available:

* Atlanta, USA
* Buenos Aires, Argentina
* Chongqing, China
* Dubai, United Arab Emirates
* London (The Tube), England & UK
* Madrid, Spain
* Mexico DF, Mexico
* Miami (Metrorail), USA
* Munich, German
* New York, USA
* Paris, France
* San Francisco, USA
* Santiago, Chile
* Tianjin, China
* Tokyo, Japan

The application and widget are available in English, Japanese, Simplified Chinese and Spanish.
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