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Nearest Airport

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Nearest Airport

This standalone watch app allows GA pilots to locate quickly, nearby airports while in flight. Intuitive user interface provides the current distance from, the magnetic heading to, field elevation, runway information (lengths, widths, directions, pattern, and lighting), communication frequencies, and published remarks for nearby airports.  Backgrounds are color coded to match sectional charts as to identify towered and non-towered airports. A slightly different shade is used for private airports. View current location relative to a selected airport with "Map It" feature. Click on the airport identifier while viewing the map to have important information read aloud. (text-to-speech) Requires Watch OS version 7.0 or higher.

Includes a search feature that allows searching for airports by identifier, or partial match.

Does not require data connection to operate. Includes all airports registered with the FAA as of the current version release date.