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Navure lets you navigate GPS tracks acoustically without the need to take the phone out of your pocket to look at it.

If you feel you need to glance at the track screen just raise your arm and Apple Watch shows you all necessary information

Navure simply guides you thru nature turn by turn. I use it for hiking, biking and running.

Load a track in gpx format and off you go. No configuration, no parameters. No way to make mistakes.

Navure not even uses maps. It just shows the necessary information to follow the track. It is designed to just do one thing and do it well and simple.

Please contact me directly at [email protected] if you have suggestions or if you find a bug.

Unique features of Navure are:
- signals acoustically if the next turn is half, normal, sharp right or left
- signals if you leave the track more than 50 meters
- signals if you get back on track
- track view shows fixed scales 1:6000, 1:12000, 1:25000
- 1:25000 means: one square on the screen is 250m in nature
- you immediately see how far the next turn is away using the fixed scale
- less battery strain because of much less screen use
- automatic detection of the direction you follow the track

Apple Watch support
- shows all track information the iPhone shows on Apple Watch and updates that view continuously. If you unsure about the acoustig signal just glance at your Apple Watch to find out where to go
- Zoom in on Apple Watch using the crown to exactly see where you are in respect to the track, which direction you are pointing, what the closest track point is and which direction you are following the track
- important data about your track and your position relative to the track is shown on the watch
- scrolls automatically thru the data so you don't need to take your gloves off and touch the watch
- turn notifications are sent to the watch

- load a track from any source supported by the iPhone. From a message, from mail, from Safari
- load a previously loaded track from the list of previously used tracks in Navure
- navigation starts immediately
- if you follow the track from start (green dot) to end (yellow dot) the arrow in the bottom right corner points to the right
- your position is the tip of the blue "V". The "V" shows in the direction you are moving
- the red triangle is the closest point on the track pointing in the direction you are currently following the track (backward or forward)
- I usually create tracks myself using web sites like Make sure you have set trackpoints at turns, send the track to yourself via mail and open it with Navure
- Tracks from other people are sometimes bad:
- too many trackpoints
- gps errors not smoothed out
- tracks that record points in both directions
- check for such problems and correct the tracks before use
Heiko Vogeler