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Navigr8 is an advanced tracker for cyclists with features you would typically only find on a high-end dedicated cycling computer. Perfect for mounting on your handlebars, Navigr8 includes a dimmer and a low power mode that significantly extends battery life. The watch app shares most of the features of the phone app and is a powerful companion right there on your wrist

Navigr8 will:

> motivate you to train harder

> help you to reach your goals through more effective training

> give you insights on your performance

Key features include:

1) Track your rides and view live performance metrics.

2) Activity Based Settings. Stick with the default settings or set up Navigr8 for each of your activities. From then on just choose your activity, press the start button, and go.

3) Built-in software Power Meter*. Your power is calculated in real-time from the sensors on your watch or phone (and optionally for increased accuracy a Bluetooth speed sensor**). You can even broadcast power to your Bluetooth-enabled head unit**. Train more effectively within power zones and track power-derived metrics over time to better plan your training regime.

4) Navigate GPS tracks downloaded from the Internet and receive alerts when you deviate off track.

5) Create your own tracks with auto-routing and turn-by-turn voiced directions. Complex routes can be generated with ease by sequentially tapping locations on the map. The resulting route with embedded directions can then be saved for offline use or sent to the Navigr8 watch app.

6) Race Ghost**. Ghost is a virtual competitor that can be used to help you pace yourself on long-distance rides or to push you harder on high-intensity workouts.

7) Smart Waypoints™. Add spoken commentary and alerts to tracks to create tours, or keep track of your times along sections of road with Segments.

8) Slope Forecast**. See a scrolling graph of the slope ahead of you, so you can better pace yourself up hills.

9) Attach your Bluetooth LE sensors**. Broadcast your heart rate from your watch and/or power from Navigr8's Power Meter via Bluetooth.

10) View detailed statistics about your previous activities and gain insights on your performance with Navigr8's powerful interactive graphs and cycling power analysis functionality (phone only)

11) The Navigr8 watch app integrates with Health Kit to enable you to view your heart rate. Your workouts will also be visible to the Health Kit app.

12) Easily upload your tracks to Strava (via the phone app)

Unless otherwise noted, all of the above features (and more) are available on both the watch and the phone.

The watch app*** has a striking interface that is easy to use and facilitates quick interactions helping you tap its rich functionality. Best of all the watch app runs completely standalone, which means you can leave your phone at home.

Navigr8 offers you a high degree of privacy: subscribing to a Navigr8 account is optional and secure using Sign In with Apple; your location and other workout-related data are not sent to a remote server; there is no harvesting and on-selling of your personal data. Essentially, your data remains in your possession, as it is stored locally on your device and backed up to iCloud (if available) or email. 

If you wish to share your data with others then Navigr8 makes this easy by offering you the ability to export your data in many popular file formats and then send this via email or social media channels.

* For the Power Meter to work properly your device must have a built-in pressure sensor. Please check that your device has a pressure sensor, as older model iPhones and Apple watches might not. For more information on how our power meter compares with a hardware power meter please visit our website (

**Navigr8 Pro feature, available as an in-app purchase

***The Navigr8 watch app is only recommended for the Apple Watch Series 3 and above.
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