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NaviFit is not just any workout app. With 25 outdoor/indoor activities to choose from like:

+Surfing sports (Surfing, windsurfing, kite surfing etc)
+Hiking (Great activity to use the map functionality with)
+Swimming (Stroke count to come!)
+Wheel Chair Run
+Track & Field
+Paddleboarding (Any paddle sport like canoeing, etc.)
+Cross Country Skiing
+Equestrian activities
+Downhill Skiing
+Cross Training

You have a one-stop app for all your activity tracking needs. Plus there is a cool navigation feature that shows you your current location as well as some recent past locations so you know where you were and where you are all without having to leave the NaviFit app.

Supports Indoor and Outdoor workouts!!

Leave your phone at home, or not! NaviFit fully supports watch-only workouts***.

All activities are saved in the NaviFit, Activity and Health iPhone apps. Your Activity ring updates when using NaviFit.

NaviFit integrates with the Apple Health app to sync your workouts and record heart-rate, steps, calories, and distance.

The following types of data are viewable during your activity**:

+Distance(in miles)
+Real-time heart rate
+Average heart rate
+Real-time pace
+Average pace
+Real-time speed (miles per hour)
+Average speed
+Real-time altitude
+Altitude gain
+Calories (kcal)

*Maps functionality only works with an iPhone + data connection or if you are conducting your workout near a WiFi connection that you have used and remembered on your iPhone. For example, if you are on a college campus and have access to the WiFi, then you can run without your iPhone and have map availability on your watch. However, the performance of map rendering is slightly reduced.

**Some types of data are not viewable because of the nature of the workout. For example, steps are irrelevant when swimming and distance is likely not valuable when you're in Yoga class. The workout screen has been minimized for certain workouts to give you the data you really need.

***Apple Watch Series 2 and newer

Currently, you must own an Apple Watch to fully use this app. Future update will allow workouts to be started from iPhone.
Justin Honda