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Nature Clock App

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Nature Clock App

Get back in tune with nature! An alarm clock which you can set to the time of the sunrise or sunset wherever you are in the world, with an offset of up to plus or minus one hour in 5 minute increments.

Busy life, but you want to get the most out of daylight for your activities?

- Set it to just after sunrise to make sure you do your morning run.
- Set it to 45 minutes before sunset to take that evening walk and be sure you get back before dark.
- For the romantic, set it to before sunset so you don't miss a sunset cocktail at your favourite scenic spot.
- Use it to begin or improve your physical and mental fitness routine by helping yourself to synchronise with daylight.
- Of course you can also use it as your custom alarm clock for any time of day.

Simply put - make the best of the sunshine which you admire all day while stuck at the office.

Coming soon: Alarms relative to dusk and dawn (twilight) to further enable you to manage those precious hours of light.

Send us feedback and ideas for features that would allow you to get even more out of your day.
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