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The business card reinvented.

Create. Share. Connect. Interact. Analyse.

nativecard is the first and only digital business card with Apple App Clip technology. It enables unique and seamless sharing of your business card across all popular tools with all devices - as a link, QR code or via NFC*. Without your recipient needing an app to store your digital business card or connect with you.

With nativecard's analytics feature, you can always keep an eye on the success of your digital business card. See how many times your card has been viewed, what content is most popular, where you've networked and with whom, and customise your card in real time.

*In addition, synchronise your digital business card with the customisable wooden NFC native card available in bamboo, walnut and cherry. Share your digital business card with a simple tap on the other person's phone.


100% customisable:
Show who you really are. Your design, your info, your business card. 100% you.

Exchange without an app:
Your contact, shared directly. Simple, seamless, ingenious.

Real-time adjustments:
New photo? New job? Change it in real time. Your contacts always see the latest version.

Contact form:
No more paperwork. Let others send you their contact details directly via the integrated contact form. Fast. Digital. Organised.

Wooden cards with NFC:
Tradition meets high-tech. One tap and your info is shared. Stylish. Fast. Unique.

Live address book:
All contacts up to date and in one place. Something changes? Your address book knows immediately.

Check who is interested in you, when and where. Values that count. Networking with insight.

Contact export:
Export your collected contacts as CSV and import them into your CRM.

This is how your digital business card from nativecard works:

1. Create your individual digital business card with all information and links in one place. 

2. Share your card via a unique link, QR code or NFC. The other person doesn't need an app and can receive your contact on all their devices.

3. Save your contact information in your contact's address book with a single click or collect contacts using the built-in contact form.

4. Save collected contacts in your in-app live address book, where they are automatically updated when you make a change.

5. Analyse your card and link statistics. Find out when, where and how often your card was opened and saved or how many contacts you collected.

All highlights:

⁕ Create multiple individual digital business cards.

⁕ Link all links & social media accounts in one place

⁕ Customise your card design 100% to your preferences or brand

⁕ Collect contacts with the integrated contact form

⁕ Add name, position, company and description

⁕ Connect your digital business card to nativecard's NFC-enabled wooden cards

⁕ Share your card via all popular tools like email or messenger

⁕ Export contacts as a CSV file and import them into your CRM

⁕ Analyse your card and link statistics

⁕ Generate a custom QR code that can be scanned by camera

⁕ Claim your unique digital business card URL

⁕ Update contacts in your nativecard address book automatically whenever you change them

⁕ Edit contact information and links in real time

⁕ No nativecard app required for the recipient

⁕ Define individual notifications

Download the nativecard app for free and get started in just a few steps!

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