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NappyPin Breastfeeding Tracker

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NappyPin Breastfeeding Tracker

Designed for breastfeeding mothers, Nappy Pin helps you remember which side you're on and keeps track of all your baby's feed times. It even tells you which breast to start on.

Clean and simple to use interface designed for one-hand operation. Just tap a one-button start/stop timer to get started and focus on your baby. Especially useful during the night feeds.

The timer keeps going even if your device screen is off or you're using a different app.

Don't worry if you forget to stop the timer, the app will figure it out with the auto-stop feature.

Nappy Pin keeps all your baby's feed times in a clear journal. 

Feeding history screen shows how long you have fed your baby, including time between feeds. Also, it tells you how old your baby is on that day.

Personalize the app to your baby by adding a picture, baby’s name, and date of birth.

That's it. No ads, no registrations, and no login screens. All your data is local and private. Just you, your baby, and a nice little app.
Alexey Plekhanov