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Napkin Recipes

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Napkin Recipes

Update: We are currently working to get the next version of Napkin approved which contains fixes for some bugs and will bring some delicious new recipes to the store! Watch out for the update soon.

Napkin makes cooking healthy, delicious food easy! Our recipes are broken down into bite-sized steps with clear pictures of what you need to do. When you are ready to move to the next instruction, just say "next!" — Napkin is controlled with your voice and the instructions are read out to you.

Welcome to all our new cooks! We are cooking up and fine tuning more recipes for you now, hold tight...

Hands free cooking — we believe Napkin is the best App to cook with! Move through steps with voice control, hear the instructions read out to you, see the clear pictures showing you exactly what to do

Cooking Timers — Napkin can set timers for you, and notify you when they are done! The Napkin Apple Watch App allows you to see how long is left on the timers, and pause the timers without unlocking your phone

Fresh new recipes — every week we personally develop and test new recipes ourselves to make sure they are incredibly easy to follow

Beautiful store — browse through our recipes in our easy to navigate store to find the perfect recipe to cook for dinner

Collect points as you cook to unlock more recipes!
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