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Names Of Allah

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Names Of Allah

Names of Allah (Asma ul Husna) was designed to revolutionaries the way people used to learn names of Allah, What we accomplished is a card design built right just for the easiness for everyone to learn and become useful from the qualities or attributes of Allah. With every detail our users requested such as meaning, explanation, occurrence, evidence and even a dua to make with the special name of Allah. we cant wait to see you learning or praying from it.
How about a quick feature list ? scroll down for it

▪ Card View for all 99 names synced with audio
▪ Also a list view synced with audio for you to focus on learning
▪ English Translation and description of the name
▪ Audio Controls such as play and pause
▪ Just a tap away from detail screen for that name
▪ Auto Card changing feature when audio is playing
▪ Auto scroll in list when audio is being played
▪ A universal app for your iPhone, iPad, iPod and apple watch
▪ Also comes with iMessage app for you to share any word with your family
▪ Notification feature for us to remind you in a way you want us

You guys are more than welcome to make reviews and suggestions about this app to make it more of a wish come true.
We cant wait to see what you learn from it. Have a good day!
Ali Jabbar