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NailBiterz for NBA

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NailBiterz for NBA

NailBiterz provides a spoiler-free summary of every NBA game to help you decide whether watching the replay is worthwhile.

As soon as a game is over we process it through an algorithm to calculate exactly how exciting the contest was. We analyze an assortment of factors including game statistics, lead changes, scoring streaks / droughts and play-by-play commentary to determine an accurate game rating where a higher percentage indicates a closer and more interesting finish to the game.

In our app you'll find ratings for games played over the last three days, and a schedule of matchups with count-down timers for the day ahead.

NailBiterz is the perfect partner for every sports fan giving you a guide to close games with absolutely no spoilers.


How to use the app:

NailBiterz/Calendar tab
-All games played are listed by day on this tab.
-Swipe left or right to look back & forward to past and upcoming matches.
-Pull down to refresh the latest ratings.
-Tap on a game to see more detailed information about the game and a recent history of NailBiterz for both teams.

Top 5 tab
-View A collection of the best and worst games and teams over the past weeks and months.
-Pull down to refresh the latest ratings and refreshed statistic data.
-Tap on a game to see more detailed information about the game and a recent history of NailBiterz for both teams.

Apple Watch Extension
-View all the NailBiterz for the current day. Data in the app updates every two hours or on-demand if you press the refresh button.

Today Screen Extension
-Add a widget to your today screen to display the closest game every day. Press firmly (3D Touch) on the Home screen icon to view the top game of the day.


Frequently Asked Questions:

-Why did you create NailBiterz?
We can't watch games live, and when we watch replays we don't want to watch boring, one-sided games. So we've developed an algorithm that calculates how exciting a game was. We thought other people might find it useful too, so we decided to make an app.

-Why can't you watch live games?
We live in a different time zone and are usually at work when the games are on.

-Are your calculations based solely on the final score?
Not at all! Our algorithm analyzes game statistics, lead changes, scoring streaks/droughts and more to provide you with a highly accurate indicator of how exciting a game was without spoiling the result of the game or relying on knowing the final score.

-Are you going to add more sports?
Absolutely! Keep watching this space, and please let us know on our Facebook page which sports would you like to see on NailBiterz next.

-Can I trust your calculations?
Most definitely. We've watched countless games to test the results out, it's hard work but somebody has to do it!
David Dennis