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*This app is for Apple Watch only. It can not be used with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.

This application uses the position information of GPS and displays the direction on the map by Apple Watch.

[Method of operation]
When tapping the screen twice, the character of RESET will be displayed in the middle of the screen.

Walk straight a few meters ahead.

When walking out, the direction is displayed on the screen. The red line is in the north direction on the map.

Map Display
Swipe the screen to the right to display the map. The location where you started (the location where you reset) and the current location are displayed on the map.

Red pin: The place where you started (the place where you reset)
Green pin: Current location

Please understand that it may not be possible to calculate the correct direction in places where GPS radio waves are difficult to enter, such as indoors or near high buildings.

While watching the screen of Apple Watch, please be aware of walking. The creator of this application is not responsible for anything that occurred using this application.

The barometric pressure indicates the value of the Apple Watch sensor, and the sea level is not renewed.

The position information may be used while using this application, which may shorten battery operation.
Tatsuya Hamanishi