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Electric shared cars within walking distance

As members of MyWheels, we are convinced that cars are often very useful, but that driving can be much smarter. That's why we are car sharers. And that really only has advantages: Together we drive the most sustainable electric cars, it is cheaper because we only pay for use and we ensure that the city becomes more liveable. So less stationary gaze. More and more people believe in this form of Good Sharing. And that's delicious! Because the more car sharers join, the more cars we can park, the greater the convenience for everyone. The Netherlands can make do with far fewer (stationary) cars, and we are happy to show how this can be done.

This is how you use MyWheels.
Carsharing is easy. This is how it works:
• Open the app and click on a shared car near you to book your ride.
• Swipe the car open with your MyWheels app and start your journey.
• End of ride? Park and click finish.

This is how you create an account.
Are you using MyWheels for the first time? Creating an account is very simple. Download the app and create an account. Make sure you have your driver's license at hand and you will be on your way within a few minutes.

Grab the car
• Save on your rides with MyWheels Trips. This way you can purchase your kilometers in advance at a cheaper price.
• Take the car throughout the Netherlands, but always return it to the departure zone or permanent parking spot.

Lookings for some discounts? Check this:
• Invite your friends with your personal code and earn €25 or more.
• Select MyWheels Trips when booking your ride. Affordable kilometer packages for rides from 50km an more!

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