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MyWatchdog Surveillance System

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MyWatchdog Surveillance System

"MyWatchdog" turns your iPhone and up to seven other iOS devices into a reliable and professional alarm system. Your iPhone serves as a "monitor". The monitor is the "control center" of the alarm system. You can use this to turn the system on and off and to receive alarms from the sensors. You can use older, no-longer-used iPhones or iPads with iOS 8 or later as sensors. Place the sensors in rooms to be monitored, in objects, in your apartment, or in your vehicle.


● "MyWatchdog" uses your iCloud account *
For the use of "MyWatchdog" - unlike other apps - neither a special account nor entering an e-mail address is required. All recorded data (logs, audio and video recordings) will be exclusively managed, transported, cached and deleted from the iCloud after downloading to your iPhone, in the private area of your iCloud account. You do not need a subscription to use it or you have to endure advertising.

● "MyWatchdog" monitors movements of the sensor (rotation, inclination, acceleration, etc. - the sensitivity is adjustable), detects noises (also with adjustable sensitivity), and has intelligent sophisticated video surveillance including person detection and tracking and a detector for object movements. For video surveillance, you can use the front or rear camera (with the video light if needed).

● As soon as an alarm event occurs, you will be notified immediately with a push message. If you want, the sensors can also send an SMS to any mobile phone **. This will allow you to automatically request assistance from a third party during a burglary, even if you are not around. In the event of an alarm, it is even possible to have a sensor a prerecorded message from you read by a sensor by to warn the intruder: "The cash register is empty! Burglary is not worth it! The police are on their way!"

● All alarm events are recorded automatically (audio, video and video recording, motion profile). With your iPhone (monitor) you can view the events and forward with one click. If you have an Apple Watch, you can also view all audio and video recordings and the tracking log on it.

● With Live View **, you have a direct line to each of your sensors, and you can hear 24/7 and see what's going on in your house. From the live broadcast, you can create a recording with one click. You start Live View by a swiping to the left on the desired sensor in the overview.

● Activating and deactivating your alarm system is done centrally with your iPhone configured as a monitor or from your Apple Watch. But you can also use the "AUTO" function ***: If you are near a sensor with your monitor, this sensor will automatically be switched off. If you move away from a sensor, it will be reactivated. So you avoid a false alarm and do not forget to activate your alarm system.

● Easiest installation: Select the monitor mode on your iPhone and the sensor mode **** on the "old" device. Using the sensor, scan the barcode from the monitor. Both devices will then be registered with your Apple ID in your iCloud. You can now individually set, activate and deactivate each of the registered sensors to your needs (from the monitor).

* Important: Your monitor and sensors must use the same Apple ID to communicate through your iCloud account.
** Additional option, via In App Purchase
*** Requires enabled "Location services in the background" and Bluetooth sharing
**** The video and audio monitoring of the sensor runs exclusively in the foreground of the app. Use your charger for the power supply!
Ralf Andrae