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Do you swipe the screen? Tap it or Force Touch it? Do you scroll with vertical swipes or using the digital crown? Do you single-press, double-press or press-and-hold the crown? ...

This app will answer all these questions and more.

This is a simple yet very helpful user guide app for Apple Watch.

You can learn how to use and interact with the interface and the buttons.

Open the app on your phone and then select the feature you want to learn about and then just click "LEARN" button. Then you just need to try that move on your watch.

myWatch app is also available for Apple Watch so that you can see a demonstration for some basic gestures on your watch.

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Although this app doesn't use any copyrighted data in any form or another but please if you find something in the app that may or can infringes any copyright issues,please take a moment and contact us. We will make our best to give everyone his rights.Thank YOU!
Jamil Metibaa