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Welcome to Vietnam's coolest and most innovative new mobile banking application - MyVIB.

MyVIB is all about you - it's your bank on your pocket. With our effort to deliver the most innovative and customer-centric banking app, we've used our best mobile app developers to make an outstanding mobile app that makes managing your money so easy. You'll experience innovative banking like never before.

Here are some of the great features of MyVIB:
• Available 24 hours per day, seven days per week. Whenever you are!
• Set up your own PIN to access your banking information fast without logging in with your username and password
• Find out advanced protection and ultimate convenience upon each online transaction? MyVIB Smart OTP will be the right choice of yours.
• Send payments to your friends in real-time, and send them an automatic payment message through Facebook, SMS or email to let them know that the money is on its way
• Out of credit? Easy. Top up your mobile phone, your e-wallet… instantly with one click
• Transfer money in real-time between your accounts
• Pay your multiple bills instantly at the same time with hundreds of billers
• Check your balance quickly with a swipe to the right
• Find great discounts at shops and restaurants near you on a map simply by using your VIB card
• Find your nearest VIB ATM with a swipe, and locate your nearest branches on a map
• Love your family? The beach? Favorite football team? Personalise your app with your own photo from your camera roll
• Connect and allow MyVIB on your iPhone to pair with our Apple Watch app.

• Make online transaction claim and get VIB’s responses right away or within 3 working days according to types of transactions.
• Send digital gifts to your beloved friends and family with meaningful e-cards and e-vouchers.
• Cannot wait summer holidays? Book your flight and hotels instantly with some clicks on MyVIB to follow the calling of the beach.

We will continue to launch new versions with great new features to enable you to have the most innovative banking experience.

Let’s download and experience the app that is just designed for you.
MyVIB - your new bank in your pocket.