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A Roadmap to Better Golf

Golf is hard enough. Let MyTaylorMadeOnCourse make it a little easier. Unlock your full potential with data-driven insights personalized to your game. Utilize MyTaylorMadeOnCourse to track shots, rounds and more to help you better understand, adapt and improve your game.

Play Smarter Golf

Knowledge is power when it comes to golf. Use MyTaylorMadeOnCourse to track scores, check detailed yardages using GPS, analyze shots, and archive data on the performance of your equipment.

In-Depth Stat Tracking

Tour pros rely on Strokes Gained data to help them better understand their game. With MyTaylorMadeOnCourse, now you can get the same advanced statistics personalized to you. The app utilizes records of your shots and scores to analyze every element of your game to help you build on your strengths and take on your weaknesses.

MyTaylorMadeOnCourse also tracks traditional stats such has fairways hit, greens in regulation and putts per round.


The new multi-player mode allows you to keep up to four player's scores, allocate strokes and choose a game mode such as match play or skins.
With the myRoundPro app, you can track your rounds on the go, enabling you to record your scores, check detailed yardages with built-in GPS, analyze every shot on a map of the course, and begin to identify areas for improvement.
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