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MyTaskPal helps you get things done. Designed with pain-free productivity in mind, MyTaskPal breaks up your tasks into bite-sized, timed intervals to keep you focussed and on-track, and gives you scheduled breaks to keep you rested and raring to go. And before you know it, you’ve done All The Things.

Key MyTaskPal features:
* Sync with Google Tasks, or add your own tasks to create your customized daily task list
* Prioritize your most important tasks for your daily work plan
* Find out how long the day's tasks will take, so you can organize play time!
* Work in timed intervals, followed by a timed rest break
* Pause your focus if you’re interrupted
* Skip or postpone intervals when you need to
* Choose the length of your intervals, short breaks and long breaks for short sprints, work marathons or anything in between.
* View your stats to understand more about your productivity and interruptions

Learn more about MyTaskPal at
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