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MyStockTake app is a powerful yet intuitive tool which will help you breeze through your Stock Take activities.

Purchasing the MyStockTake app to Stock Take is more viable than purchasing a bulky and outdated Enterprise Handheld device for Hundreds of Dollars to conduct Stock Take.

Now you can use your iPhone to Stock Take and view the numbers of your Stock Take on your Watch using an all-new Watch App

The app helps you to Stock Take in multiple locations and deliver reports based on them.

You can now view the Stock Take Locations on a Map. The locations are clustered for better user experience.

You can import your Item Master into MyStockTakeApp and use the Item Information while you scan the Item.

After or during the course of your Stock Take, if you wish to export the Stock Take, you can export the activity to an eMail.

The app provides you with rich Reports based on Locations.

Report types include:

1. Bar Chart
2. Line Chart
3. Pie Chart

1. All new Watch App to view your numbers
2. Multiple Locations
3. View Locations on a Map - If location tracking is enabled for that Location.
4. Powerful Sync Engine, to import your Item Master
5. Powerful Sync Engine, to export StockTake Activities to your eMail
6. View Stock Take Activities based on Location and Items
7. Rich Reports

Your suggestions and feedbacks on the app are welcome. I will try to add them in the subsequent builds.
Rohant Kunnat