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Mystical Eyeball Answers All

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Mystical Eyeball Answers All

The Mystical Eyeball knows all. It can answer all of your questions. Ask it anything, give it a shake and it will tell you the answer!

It also acts realistic. It doesn't like to be poked! Hear funny sounds when you poke it!

Choose from 7 eye colors or select a random one every time you launch an app.

You may have seen a similar app on the TV show Jessie. Ravi uses it to answer all of his questions.

How to Make it work
1. Ask a question
2. Shake your iphone/ipad
3. Get answered! That's it!

NOTE: This app is for entertainment purposes only

There are NO Ads or In-App purchases of any kind within this app.

What are you waiting for?

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Saliha Bhutta