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Mysteries of Fractal

by 弓 张
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Mysteries of Fractal

by 弓 张
Mysteries of Fractal is an amazing app that presents the beauty of fractal arts and relevant mathematical theory! We use the most advanced computing technology to bring you an unique experience of real-time interactive fractal images.

**Key Features**

• Three chapters of interactive material take you to learn about the basic concept of Julia set and how it generates amazing fractal images.
• The Creative Mode allows you to navigate and create fractal images freely.
• Make adjustment to the parameters and observe the image changing in real-time.
• Highly-optimized graphic engine can generate attractive dynamic fractal images, with magnification up to 20,000 times.
• Set the unique image as wallpaper for your device, or share it with your friends!


- The app fully adapts to different display size of iPhone, iPod touch and iPad devices.
- The app runs on iOS 9.0 or later, also need A7 or later processors.
弓 张