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This App is used to measure your arm pronation, supination and acceleration while you play racket games, especially badminton. The signal is from Apple Watch, so Apple Watch is required. You can use this App to check your improvement as time goes by. Also, you can see how others are doing via Apple Game Center’s leaderboard.
In order to continually measure the motion data when in background, the app integrates with the Health app.


1. Apple Watch send data to iPhone when iWatch App goes back to initial screen.
2. See today’s records or all records on iPhone App.
3. See the peaks for today or all records on iPhone App.
4. Check Apple Game Center’s leaderboard to see how others are doing on iPhone App.

这个应用程序用于测量你在玩球拍游戏,特别是羽毛球时手臂的内旋,外旋和加速。信号来自苹果手表,所以苹果手表是必需的。 你可以使用此应用程序来检查随着时间的推移你进步了多少。 此外,您还可以通过苹果游戏中心的排行榜了解其他人的表现。


1. 当 苹果手表应用程序返回到初始屏幕时, 苹果手表会向 iphone 发送数据。
2. 查看 iPhone 应用程序上的当天记录或所有记录。
3. 查看iPhone 应用程序上的当天记录或所有记录的峰值。
4. 从iPhone 应用程序查看苹果游戏中心的排行榜以了解其他人在的表现。
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