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MySchoolManager, Schoolplanner

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MySchoolManager, Schoolplanner

Learn more efficiently with MySchoolManager. Many features help you to simplify your school day and never forget anything.

Here you can find all important information, ranging from your grades to your subjects. In addition, you can access the settings from here, which offer you many options for individualization, such as the choice of your grading system.

Here you can find all the important information about a subject, including your current grades and the completed learning sessions. This is also the place where you can add grades.

Enter your appointments and be reminded of them in advance via push notifications.

Enter your school hours in the timetable to be perfectly prepared for your next school day. From classrooms to lesson times, you can configure everything yourself.

The place for your open tasks, which you can assign to a subject and a date.

Create, with text and photos, your own flashcards in specific subjects and categories. You can also specify exactly when you want to repeat which cards.

Learn more efficiently with learning sessions, which help you to divide your learning into time units. A clear statistic shows you your learning behavior of the last days.

Synchronize your content across all your devices.
Luca Blume